April 2019: Neuerscheinung zum Buch Levitikus

Writing a commentary on a biblical book is not limited to the scholar’s study and desk. Hence, several experts in the field of Hebrew Bible currently writing a larger commentary on the book of Leviticus followed the invitation of Christian Eberhart and Thomas Hieke to meet between 2014 and 2016 at the Annual SBL Conference. They shared their experiences, discussed hermeneutical and methodological considerations, and presented their ideas about particular themes and issues in the third book of the Torah. The results of these consultative panels had significant impact on the production of the commentaries. Read more...

24.04.2019: Vortrag von Prof. Hieke über Kohelet

Im Rahmen der Mainzer Universitätsgespräche zum Thema "Lebensphasen des Meschen" des Studium generale hält Prof. Dr. Thomas Hieke am 24. April 2019 um 18:15 Uhr in Hörsaal N 1 (Muschel) einen Vortrag mit dem Titel »… die Jugend und das dunkle Haar sind Windhauch«. Kohelet über Freude, Alter und Tod.  Weitere Informationen.